Monday, 16 May 2011

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Congratulations to the Ladies who completed yet another Ironman 70.3.

After a tough day racing all completed their goals.

Special Congrats goes to Claire.

Hi Chris

Wicked good fun weekend, paddling 17M was super tough, I was double pleased with the bike as didnt think I would feel as strong as I did (so thank you for all your help :))..68M the 1st day in about 4h 20 and horrible weather and 78 the next in about 5.20. Mountain run was the best and over the most challenging terrain ever. contemplating a solo attempt next year :). Pictures at Facebook soon

hope alls good :)



Saturday, 14 May 2011

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To all the ladies who are competing this weekend all over the globe.

The race distances are

Swim 1.9km
Bike 90km
Run 21km

Lets see how they do in the heat of Spain and Usa


Monday, 2 May 2011

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Great training weather, shame the body has been under the weather for the past two weeks, grr.

Keep smiling!


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Hervey Bay Triathlon Australia

Catherine's version of events

Hello there
Well one very proud self this morning!  i can't believe i did it and can't believe i did it under 3hr 30!
here's the run down.
had been nervous all week - and was basically petrified.  was trying to think positive but wasn't really working for me. 

so we got all organised and next thing i knew i was waiting at the shore ready to run in.  i think there were about 20 people in my wave.  i was all fired up to implement my waterpolo defence moves to get people swimming over me
off, but didn't get touched by anyone which was great.  swim felt good but not too sure on the split time.  it was so flat i could breath both sides!  i had a bit of trouble trying to locate the last buoy before turning to shore - it was quite hard for me to spot but got there and through ok.  even managed to pass people.  Once i got to the end realised i could have pushed a bit harder but also wanted to make sure i didn't overdo it too early.

and then to the bike, after a relaxed transition!  my speedo wasn't working so just had to go with how i felt.  stupid bike computer told me the temperature the whole way though (it was 21 deg when I started and 24 when i got off!). 
was passed by all the superbikes.  basically i just tried to push without overdoing it again.  it was a 2 lap circuit with one really awful hill.  and, i'll come clean, i hadn't ridden 40km in training!!!! so this was the leg i was most concerned about.  but once again, got through! 

and then to the run.  once again not sure on my time (am waiting for the results).  started off on under 6 min km's but was over that by the end. i was starting to overheat and didn't want to pass out when i passed the finish line so ended up with a couple of walking stints at the water stations to make sure i held it together.  but overall i finished pretty well.  and very very glad i finished.  i can't quite believe i did it! 

feeling okay today - back is really sore and legs are starting to struggle, and now have a tan line from my bike shorts, but still in awe that i did it. will let you know the split times when they come through.

Thanks for all your help and support!  give me a day or two and i will be ready to start again - with more structured accountability to do the training from me!

And definitely never want to do an Ironman.


Never say never;), and well done!


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Hervey Bay Triathlon Australia

Here's a quick race report from Matt 

The course was pretty good I reckon, however I don't have much to compare it too. The water was calm and flat, as the bay is well sheltered, and the temperature of 22 deg meant that wetsuits were allowed, but not needed, and banned for the pros. The cycle course was pretty good, following the coast around to a point and back. It was two laps, on the whole the tarmac was OK but a bit patchy in some points but not dissimilar to Didsbury conditions. The run was perfect, boardwalk and paved path course out and back along the esplanade with plenty of overhead tree cover which was welcome come that point of the race.

We were fortunate enough to stay right over the road from the transition area, so we got up about 4:45am and had some breakfast and headed over for numbering and racking. The transition area was large and spacious which was good, and we soon found out there was only about 360 odd competitors which was less than expected.

Fast forward to the swim, 7am and I downed a gel and took our mark after the professionals went out. I was in in the under 35's wave, so we had about 40 odd people I think. There were more wetsuits than not. I held for a second at the start to let the bulk of the wave go in and then hit the water and got into a rhythm quickly and easily. After the first buoy we turned left for a 700m stretch and I must admit I found that a bit difficult as I couldn't see the buoy for a lot of the time due to fog in the goggles! I just followed the caps but soon lost most of the group and had to spot the buoys myself. It felt weird but I never really panicked, just kept swimming and enjoying it. I found the buoys just at the next wave came through, (3 min behind) and I had a chance to tack onto them and followed them into shore. I can't be certain but I think i came out of the water in 28 minutes, a big thrill! We expect the splits and photos to come out over next couple of days so I'll send you the link when that happens.

Into transition, I decided to put my shoes on first then mounted, so really only lost a minute or so there. Got up to speed OK and had another gel and some water, was sitting comfortably on 30 km/hr and then noticed I was getting overtaken! (Recall my feedback from Yeppoon two weeks ago and it was ME overtaking people) This was the most frustrating part of the race, I got up to about 32 km/hr and then hit 16 km and the pain started. I now realise my 'set up' last week was not optimal and probably worsened the situation compared to how I had it previously. By 25km I was having to get out of the saddle every 30sec or so to relieve the pain in lower back and ITBs. I couldn't get down on handles either without significant discomfort. In the end I said 'F**k it' and sat on 28 km/hr sucked down another gel on 36km and had a bit more of a drink and started thinking about the run.

Things turned around about 200m from transition when I successfully got my feet out of the shoes (first time!) and glided into the dismount without any issues. I was also inspired to find my hamstrings were fine, just a bit of stiffness in back but nothing too serious. Total leg 1 hour 24 minutes. I can sense your disappointment as I write this too.. yes, there is a lot of room for improvement.

I ran through transition, threw on the shoes (I was already wearing the race number) and hat and was out in no time. I left the Garmin on the bike but had my other total race time watch on, so I knew what I had to do to achieve 2 hours 45 minutes. I looked up and all the others who had overtaken me were just ahead and I went about hauling them in. I took them all and more, got stronger and stronger the further the run went on. A bloke in a MACCA one-piece red suit got on my shoulder for a few km and I burnt him off at 8km too. Came into the finish strong but held back on the sprint finish to ensure my own photo crossing the line!! ;) I estimate a 48 min run but will know for sure. All up 2 hours 41 minutes 51 sec I think. So I'm not a GIRL! Ha ha!

I spoke to Matt and Cath via Skype video (brilliant!) and they are both up for other races and 'other' distances;)

A very respectable time for the Aussie tri virgin!


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

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Royal Wedding Madness

Due to the above, we will be open 

Friday 8 - 2
Sat Closed
Sun Closed
Mon Closed

Normal beastings will continue from Tuesday.


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Tuesday Night Run Club

I'm loving the Aussie slant on coaching!


Sunday, 24 April 2011

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A reminder of who left us at Christmas to go back to sunny Australia.

They're looking good, and have broken their triathlon duck!.

Roll on the race reports, and a solid off season training plan.

Keep it going Catherine & Matt


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Easter Bank Holiday Monday

Opening Times

Sorry Guys, We're closed for the above day/date.

Back to kicking backside (constructively of course) on Tuesday.

Enjoy Easter


Monday, 4 April 2011

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Wilmslow Race Report 

Review of Wilmslow Half

Hi Chris, here is my take on the race on Sunday, Firstly I have to say a big thank you to yourself & Paul with the running club. 
When doing the constant drills it does get monotonous but I think it’s the sort of discipline that I would not be able to achieve on my own & it has definitely led to a noticeable improvement in my stamina & running ability. I am pretty sure that without the past year in the cold & wet on a Tuesday night I would not have been able to run 13 miles let alone do it in a respectable time.

The day got off to a good start with meeting my brother Justin & Steve at 9.00. On seeing myself & Justin in full race trim Steve started to try to organise himself by asking for pins to secure his number, a pen to fill out emergency medical information & help with securing his timing chip.
My own preparation was not at all smooth on placing my top over my head I lost my favourite headband & had to find a replacement.
On arrival at the rugby club a visit to the toilets was our first port of call. Ever the professional Steve had brought with him some emergency toilet roll in case there was none.

We then made our way to the start line ready for the gun. We were advised to try to slot in with people of similar ability, this resulted in Steve getting right to the front & the only difference between himself & those around him was the bagginess of his shorts.
He managed to get across the start line a full 9 seconds after the gunshot whilst myself & Justin took over 2 minutes.

The first mile was hard to judge, with continuous speeding up into gaps then slowing down as the gaps filled with other runners. 
Despite the fact that I had 3 timing devices all of which give differing times I forgot to set them going so only realised at mile 1 that I hadn’t a clue how quick I had gone so far.
The next 4 miles were very easy & I think I went much faster than I thought I could go, this was done to try & claw back time from my slow first mile. Miles 5 to 8 I ran at what I felt would be comfortable speed to get around 1hr 50min which was my target time. 
By far the hardest mile for me was mile 9. I think it suddenly dawned on me how far I still had to go & once this got into my head my legs felt heavy & I started to feel as though my feet were blistering & even thought wether I would be able to last the distance.
As I went on it started to get easier as I was counting down the miles until once again at 11.5 miles I started to get weary thinking maybe those first 5 miles were taking they’re toll. At that point as fresh looking Kerry spoke to me as she overtook me. I tried to follow at he pace thinking seeing her would help pull me along but that only lasted a short distance.
The last mile was easier but seemed more like 2 miles, I thought it would never end, I did however even manage a sprint up to the finish line, only to be met by people handing out leaflets for other events.

Before the event I swore that this was it I was giving up running after this but as my ankles ease up & walking gets easier all I remember was the laugh I had on the day & the great feeling of achieving my goal.
Thanks again to all at F2k for your support

A great race report, thanks to Mark for putting pen to paper.

Next Race?